• Soft Automotive Wiper Silicone Blade Squeegee
    • 2021-12-21

    New deisgn Scraping soft and delicate,not to hurt the surface, using ergonomic design, curved handle, comfortable feel, it is very convenient to operate.The car squeegee jelly blade design work effortlessly on all vehicles, car, truck, motorcycle, RV, SUV and just about any other flat surface!Wipe water away from your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, shower, mirror, pool, kitchen tops, you name i...

  • Newest Wrap U-EZZE
    • 2021-12-15
    Newest Wrap U-EZZE

    The "Wrap-U-ezee" ring is a U-shaped applicator helper, with which protruding parts of the vehicle such as exterior mirrors or door handles can be easily covered with foil without a "second pair of hands". The advantage of such an application is that the film can be evenly pre-stretched and the risk of overstretching in some areas is very limited.U-shaped design, suitable for t...

  • NEW Car Wrap Absorbent Tool Soak Shield Rope
    • 2021-12-04
    NEW Car Wrap Absorbent Tool Soak Shield Rope

    The window tinting industries first and only absorbent rope braid used for absorbing water running down behind the dash of a vehicle while installing film. Helping to protect the electronics and other parts from water damage. The Soak Shield rope is also used to collect the water that would absorb into the top layer of what the dashboard is covered in. Example: Leather, Suede, Vinyl, and Cloth. Wh...

  • Foshio Car Window Tint Squeegees
    • 2021-11-26
    Foshio Car Window Tint Squeegees

    Window Tint SqueegeesWindow Tint ToolThere are many types of window tint tool available, and all of them are designed to remove air bubbles from the film and make the application process easier. One of the most common is the tail fin squeegee, which is used to apply the film around the third brake light. The squeegee's body is curved, making it easy to cut the film while it's still wet.A g...

  • Foshio Hot Sale Car Wrap Vinyl Tools Set
    • 2021-10-14
    Foshio Hot Sale Car Wrap Vinyl Tools Set

    A combination car wrap kit is just what the name says.combo car wrap vinyl tools kit These are the tools you need to put on your car when you decide to do a full wrap over. They come with everything you need to put on your car, except for the actual wrapping itself. This may leave you with extra plastic to remove, but it's free! To ensure a proper and neat job, choose the design and colors tha...

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